How Do I Manage Post-operative Itching?

Discover effective strategies to manage post-operative itching and promote a speedy recovery! Explore remedies, prevention strategies, and over-the-counter and prescription options for relief. Understand the consequences of scratching and learn alternative methods to alleviate itchiness. Know when to seek medical attention and how to deal with the psychological impact. Prevent future incidents with proactive communication with healthcare professionals.

Can I Get Surgery To Fix A Cleft Lip Or Palate?

Explore the option of surgery to fix a cleft lip or palate. Discover the causes, treatments, and surgeries available to correct this congenital birth defect. Learn about the impact, challenges, and importance of early intervention. Find out about candidacy factors, dental considerations, and the surgical procedure. Get information on anesthesia options, surgical techniques, recovery, and potential complications. Understand the costs involved and insurance coverage for cleft lip and palate surgeries.